Sue Blackwell

Sue Blackwell, BA Hons Cambridge

M.Phil. Cambridge Lecturer in English Language

Sue Blackwell

Sue Blackwell is currently the Module Co-ordinator for the following undergraduate courses: 1st year Introduction to English Language 2nd year Language and Gender 2nd year Child Language Development final year Bilingualism She is able to supervise post-graduate research at M.A./M.Sc. and M.Phil. level, but not yet at Ph.D. level at this point in time. Her current research interests include Language and Gender, Child Language, Corpus Linguistics and Forensic Linguistics. She maintains the Forensic Linguistics website at the University of Birmingham and is the List Owner for two lnternet mailinglists hosted by JISC, namely forensic-linguistics and TRELLIS (Teaching & Research in English Language: Liaison, Information and Support). She is currently a Vice-President of the Birmingham Association of University Teachers, and is available to give advice on personal casework to AUT members. Personal Website, including pages for all Sue's undergraduate courses:


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