John Gibbons

John Gibbons is from London originally, and this is detectable in his speech. He is a graduate of Exeter, London, Lancaster and Reading Universities, taking out his doctorate at the last under Peter Trudgill. He has lived in Spain (a year), Nairobi (two and half years) and Hong Kong (nine years). He has been settled in Australia since 1983, although he still travels extensively. 

He studies, teaches and researches Applied Linguistics. His research interests are language and the law, (and he has worked frequently as a forensic linguist) and bilingualism in many forms, including second language curriculum, bilingual education, minority language maintenance, sociolinguistics and the social psychology of second language learning. His publications include: Code Mixing and Code Choice - A Hong Kong Case Study (Multilingual Matters), Language and the Law (Longman), Forensic Linguistics (Blackwell), and co-edited Learning Keeping and Using Language (Benjamins). 

Dr Gibbons is on leave from 08/2002-07/2005; during this period he can be contacted at  

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